Officers and Chairs

Current Officers and Chairpersons
2024-2025 Season

President - Janice Ferrara

Past President - Ann Yost

Vice President, Inside Competitions - Paul Peterson

Vice President, Outside Competitions - Denise Saldana

Secretary - Susan Ferency

Treasurer - Roland Levai

Membership - Vicky Hackman

Programs - Lisa Cuchara

Judges - Ann Yost and Karen Bonanno

Mentoring Program –

Scorekeeper/Certificates - Jim Dionne

Events - Linda Thomas

Ad hoc NHCC Board members – Jim Maresca and Vikas Kolte

Workshops/Study Groups - Jan Doyle

Field Trips - Bev Byer and Linda Thomas
                  Committee:  Jan Doyle, Ann Yost, Art Yost, Barbara Vietzke

Refreshments - Art Yost

Public Informational Officer - Bill Hoikala

Historian - Paul Peterson

NECCC Rep - Joan Balen

CAP Rep - Art Yost

PSA Rep - Lisa Cuchara

Web Master - Janice Ferrara

Blog Master – Roland Levai

There are many other people who help make the club run smoothly: people who assist with competition, people who bring the equipment back and forth to the meetings, people who help set up and clean up at the meetings, people who run field trips and workshops, people who bring refreshments to the monthly meetings, people who help arrange the holiday party, the banquet, seminars, etc. It always takes a lot of members pitching in to make our club work. The more active and involved members we have, the better our club will be. We are very appreciative of those members whose contributions help our club be successful. Thanks!!