Current Season

Current Season. We meet on the 2nd Monday of month for our programs and the fourth Monday of the month for our competitions. Meetings are usually held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00 pm Sept-May) at the Whitney Center, Cultural Arts Center, 200 Leeder Hill Drive, Hamden. Meetings are free and open to the public. You must be a member to compete, attend workshops and field trips. Come at 6:45, programs start at 7:00. 

Assigned Subject 2017-18
  • Sept - Waterfalls
  • Oct - Gears
  • Nov - Baseball
  • Jan - Fish Eye
  • Feb - Diagonal Line (s)
  • March - Junkyard items
  • April - Light Painting (outside)
  • May -Abandoned Buildings
Program schedule 2017-18 Season
  • September 11 program Bill Barnett "India"
  • Sept 25 competition
  • October 9 Melissa Fraser iphonography 
  • Oct 23 competition
  • Nov 6th image critique (upstairs)
  • November 13 TBD
  • Nov 27 competition
  • December Holiday Party, location to be determined
  • January 15 Photographing Natl's parks Chris Nicholson 
  • Jan 22 competition
  • February 12  TBD
  • Feb 26 competition
  • March 12 Jim Christensen 
  • March 26 competition
  • April 9 Paul Peterson Europe
  • April 23 competition
  • May 14  Joe Lefevre 
  • May 21 competition
  • June End of Year Party at Whitney Center

Assigned Subjects 2016-17
  • Sept 26: Wide angle
  • Oct 31: Composites (three or more images combined)
  • Nov 28: Camera (s)
  • Jan 23: Mailbox (es)
  • Feb 27: Candlelight
  • March 27: Front Doors
  • April 24: Umbrellas
  • May 22: clock(s)
Program schedule 2016-17 Season
  • Sept 12 "Places & Faces" by Bobbie Lane 
    • sponsored in part by Gary Farber of Hunts Photo
  • Oct 10 "iPhone Photography for Traditional Photographers" by Michael and Susan Karchmer 
  • Oct 24  "Finding November" by Mark Bowie 
    • $90 "Night photography" workshop by Mark Bowie 
  • November 14th "Bird Photography: Insights & Inspiration"by Michael Milicia
    • $40 November 14 12-5 "Bird Photography and Flash" workshop by Michael Milicia
    • sponsored in part by Gary Farber of Hunts Photo
  • December 12th Holiday Party, Members can present slideshows
  • January 9th "Taking Better Photographs" Tom Brooks
  • February 13th Annual Image Critique
  • March 13 "Dynamics of Nature Photography:" by John Slonina
  • April 10 "The In's & Out's of Better Horse Photography" by Donna Cloutier. 
  • May 8 "Architecture" by Caryn Davis
  • June 12th: End of Year Party, Awards, End of Year Competition 
Sept 12 by Bobbie Lane 
"Places & Faces" by Bobbie Lane 
sponsored in part by Gary Farber of Hunts Photo
Bobbi shares her many tips and multiple experiences in both common place and exotic locations. This seminar will help you connect with people, develop a deeper understand of what all humans have in common, and assist you to make photographs that emotionally effect and enlighten the viewer. Come on this journey, laugh and cry with Bobbi and her travels to Ethiopia, Myanmar, Venice for Carnival, Turkey, Hong Kong, Dubai and Oman and discover  the keys to making great portraits.

Oct 10 "iPhone Photography for Traditional Photographers" by Michael and Susan Karchmer 
"iPhone Photography for Traditional Photographers" Over the last almost 5 years, Suz and I have spent a lot of time photographing with our iPhones. We teach workshops on the Cape, have exhibited our work with other iPhoneographers, and have even published about it. When we first started doing it, many in the camera club were convinced that using was an iPhone was "dumbed down" photography and that somehow the use of apps was somehow cheating. In the last few years, things have changed a lot and now a lot of traditional photographers are using their iPhones for pictures. Still there's confusion about this topic. Our talk tries to make a bit of sense of it all by looking at the brief history of "iPhoneography," looking at the perceived differences between iPhone and traditional photography. We then deal with how iPhone photography has influenced traditional photography and vice versa. Our central idea is that things are beginning to merge in a way not imagined only a few years back. We walk them through the native camera app on the phone, show them a few things most won't know, then suggest why they may want to use a camera replacement app to get more control. Finally, talk about the importance of editing and demonstrate the power of Snapseed for editing. We recognize that this is a fast changing field so what we actually talk about will depend on a lot of things, including the release of new equipment. Also, we can adjust the content to suit the audience -- using hands on demonstration as appropriate.

Oct 24  "Finding November" by Mark Bowie. Mark Bowie recently completed a self-assigned project to photograph November, staying close to home in western New England and northern New York State.  He was out nearly every day — anytime from predawn to night —  making images and recording his impressions.  His goal was to look beyond the bare trees and gray skies to discover November’s hidden beauty.  It became a very personal project, an exercise in the art of seeing and improving his craft. This incredible presentation is a learning experience for all, photographers and non-photographers alike.  It reveals the depth and character of the month, and the treasures to be found by looking deeper.

November 14th "Bird Photography: Insights & Inspiration" by Michael Milicia
sponsored in part by Gary Farber of Hunts Photo
Michael Milicia is a gifted photographer and teacher. He will present a selection of bird images along with understandable commentary intended to inform, entertain and inspire. This program will be of interest to both general audiences and photographers of all abilities. Using example photos, Mike will demonstrate the importance of things like head angle, catch lights, in-camera composition, knowing your subject, and being proactive in the field.  There will also be a review of a few key camera settings that enable Mike to be more productive and get better results in the field along with a brief discussion of his in-field workflow and his general approach to setting exposure in various situations.  The goal is to provide some insight into the many different components that must come together to create a compelling bird photograph. 

January 9th "Taking Better Photographs" Tom Brooks
Tom will give us his insights into taking better photographs. Bring your camera. You can check out Tom’s work at his website:

February 13th Annual Image Critique
Back by popular demand! Our third annual image critique~ (send your images that need improvement to Paul Peterson, they will be projected and receive will give advice and suggestions)

March 13 "Dynamics of Nature Photography:" by John Slonina
This program has several tips that will take your photography to the next level. John will give ideas that can be immediately deployed to increase your chances of capturing that "shot of a lifetime”. We will explore what makes a compelling and emotionally engaging photograph. He will entertain participants and illustrate his points with humor and stories from the field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, you will leave this presentation excited to try new strategies and tips that will create more dramatic images. 

Biography. John Slonina is a professional nature photographer. A passion for wildlife, wild places and teaching has led him down the path to photography. He has been photographing nature for over 30 years. He also has a photo tour company Slonina Photography which leads instructional photo workshops across North America. John’s goal is to make everything a fun learning experience. John’s subjects include landscape, wildlife, macro, nature, and night photography. His work has been published in calendars, books, magazines and displayed in several galleries. John has presented for numerous camera clubs, nature groups, and photo conferences. His teaching style and humor makes him a popular speaker. You can visit his website for his blog posts, online galleries, and tour schedule. He is a member of the Feisol Pro Photography Team and sponsored by Hunt’s Photo and Video.

April 10 "The In's & Out's of Better Horse Photography" by Donna Cloutier. 
Donna Cloutier is an award winning freelance photographer who enjoys living life on her small farm in Roxbury, CT with a variety of rescue and special needs animals. Her work reflects her two passions of photography and horses. Many of the images presented in her program, “The Ins and Outs of Better Horse Photography”, are from her book done in conjunction with Frank Weller and published by The Lyons Press: “Equine Angels: Stories of Rescue, Love and Hope”. Other featured images are from her private equine and portrait work.Donna was also a major contributor of the book “Barn Stories from Roxbury, Connecticut” published by the Roxbury Historical District Commission and the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism. All of her work exhibits a documentation of time and memories. Each photograph intends to bring and invoke happiness and joy, each a recording that is meant to be shared.www.donnacloutierphotography,com email: 

May 8 "Architecture" by Caryn Davis
Caryn B. Davis is a professional photographer and published writer with a studio in Chester, Connecticut. Her images and articles have appeared in over 60 magazines. She began her career in the visual arts 28 years ago as a cameraperson, editor and producer of documentaries, and has been photographer since 2000. She specializes in architectural photography, interiors, gardens, travel boats and people. She is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers. Additionally, Caryn is an avid world traveler having visited  50 countries, always with camera in hand. She will present an illustrated lecture discussing her work and career. 

Program schedule 2015-16 Season
  • Sept 14 Erik Gehring "Trees"
  • Oct 12 Fred Rosenthal "Austria - The Cities, the lakes, the towns"
  • Nov 9 China: Images from a Nation in Transition, presentation by William Barnett
  • Dec 7 Holiday party and slideshows
  • Jan 11 David Pressler "Tasmania, Australia"
  • Feb 8 Image Critique (send your images that need improvement to Paul Peterson, they will be projected and receive will give advice and suggestions)
  • March 14 Peter Christoph "The Epic Adventures of a Massachusetts Bird Photographer"
  • April 11 Paul Peterson "Everyday Montages"
  • May 9 John Slonina "Northern Lights (Aurora) and Time Lapse Photography"
Sept 14 Erik Gehring "Trees"
Dramatic landscape images are rarely the product of simply being in the right place at the right time - they are usually borne of hard work, forethought, planning, and patience.  In this class you will learn about composition and technique, but more importantly you will learn how to imagine and predict what conditions will best complement your subjects.

In the spring of 2014 Erik Gehring was asked by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy’s Olmsted Tree Society to photograph the Necklace’s Heritage Trees, some of the biggest and oldest tree specimens in the parks (not including those in the Arnold Arboretum). These trees were identified as part of the comprehensive Emerald Necklace Tree Inventory, Assessment and Management Plan spearheaded by the Olmsted Tree Society in 2013. This exhibition and portfolio are the result of that project. The Emerald Necklace’s string of parks in Boston and Brookline were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in the late 1800’s and include the Back Bay Fens, the Riverway, Olmsted Park, Jamaica Pond, the Arnold Arboretum, and Franklin Park.  In the spring of 2014 Gehring was asked by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy’s Olmsted Tree Society to photograph the Necklace’s Heritage Trees, some of the biggest and oldest tree specimens in the parks (not including those in the Arboretum).  These trees were identified as part of the comprehensive Emerald Necklace Tree Inventory, Assessment and Management Plan spearheaded by the Olmsted Tree Society in 2013.  “I was very pleased to have gotten this opportunity as I have focused my creative energies at the Arnold Arboretum for so many years, and I was looking for an excuse to broaden my horizons,” said Gehring.  “This project was a wonderful chance to explore and photograph the rest of the Emerald Necklace.” Gehring is the current President of the Boston Camera Club. You can view Erik's Emerald Necklace gallery here

Oct 12 Fred Rosenthal "Austria - The Cities, the lakes, the towns"

AUSTRIA--the lakes, cities and towns.  A Slide Show Presented by Fred Rosenthal...member of the New Haven Camera Club. Austria offers alpine scenery, world class museums, coble stone streets, Wiener schnitzel and a good cup of coffee with a generous slice of Linzer torte smothered in whipped cream. Its musical history stretches from Mozart and his many compatriots to The Sound of Music. The country is truly alive with music everywhere you go. The slide show also touches on the dark side of Austrian history and the role it played during World War II. The musical background has been provided by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Nov 9 Jeff Falk "Zoo Photography"  speaker canceled
Jeff Falk has spent years photographing wildlife at WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) facilities in the Bronx and Queens. He demonstrates the equipment and techniques that he has developed to make the enclosures disappear and allow an unobstructed photograph of the animal. Although Jeff uses Nikon flashes, cameras and lenses, all of his techniques are applicable to all other camera manufacturers.

Nov 9 China: Images from a Nation in Transition, presentation by William Barnett

Bill first visited China in 1980 to help staff a booth for his company at a trade show in Beijing sponsored by the United States Department of Commerce. Since it was business he didn’t have much time to sightsee, but did manage to see a few highlights of Beijing and, at the end of the trip, Shanghai. He finally returned to China in 2012 and again in 2014. The changes he witnessed were dramatic. The progress in 34 years was impressive. In addition to Beijing and Shanghai he has had the privilege of visiting many rural areas, smaller cities, and some of the most beautiful locations in China. During this presentation we will: visit the cities and the countryside, see famous places, see performances, and watch the people as they work and play. More than 8000 photographs and video clips were captured during the three trips. From those about 300 were selected and combined with live narration, locally recorded sounds, and music to tell multimedia stories about China.

Jan 11 David Pressler "Tasmania, Australia"

Feb 8 Image Critique 
Back by popular demand! Our third annual image critique~ (send your images that need improvement to Paul Peterson, they will be projected and receive will give advice and suggestions)

March 14 Peter Christoph "The Epic Adventures of a Massachusetts Bird Photographer"

Peter Christoph is a wildlife photographer, speaker, and author from Lancaster, MA. Peter Christoph is one of new England's best known wildlife photographers, frequently presenting for Mass Audubon, the Appalachian Mountain Club, the National Wildlife Refuge System, and numerous libraries, camera clubs and schools. His passion for capturing birds in their natural habitat, his technical excellence, and his artistic vision are revealed in his compelling images. He is set apart as one of the very few photographers willing to share both his photographic knowledge and his favorite locations with other photographers. His images have appeared in many books and magazines and he has authored two bird books, which are available at Mass Audubon’s Wachusett Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary and online at  Peter Christoph presents a narrated slideshow of his favorite bird photographs all taken right here in Massachusetts where he lives. His program is both entertaining and informative as he shares stories of his photographic adventures and the techniques he uses to capture his images as well as his favorite places to take photos of birds in their natural habitat. Peter will have available the companion book Birds, which he published to accompany his presentation, with a book signing immediately after his talk. -“fantastic, a delightful evening of wonderful photography of New England birds.” -June Reams, program attendee.

April 11 Paul Peterson "photography"

May 9 John Slonina "Northern Lights (Aurora) and Time Lapse Photography"

Night photography is a lot of fun. It adds a whole new element to your portfolio. You learn how to compose, shoot and focus in the dark. John will be using examples with the Northern Lights. We can also discuss how to create time lapse photography. We will discuss what equipment and software that you will need. You will learn the correct formula for night photography, intervalometer, reducing flicker, and post processing with Lightroom.

Assigned Subjects 2015-16
Sept 28 - Windows
Oct 26 - Blue
Nov 23 - Critters
Jan - SOOC (straight out of camera, NO editing)
Feb 22 - Harbors
March 28 - Storm
April 25 - (the) golden hour
May 23 - Waves (water)

2014-2015 Season

Sept 15 "Costa Rica - Nature's Paradise"

Sept 29 Competition [note date]

Oct 13 "Image Critique" (like March 2014, organized by Paul)

Oct 27 Competition

Nov 10 Gail Hansche Goden "Oregon"

Nov 24 Competition

Dec 8 - NHCC holiday party

Jan 12 - Natalie and Rich Asarisi "iphoneography"

Rich and Natalie will present "Photography with your iPhone", we will show that the iPhone camera is a well regarded photography device and that in the right hands it can produce results that will surprise you.  We will demonstrate and provide information on many app's that will help you get the maximum potential out of your iPhone camera. We will show you how to use your phone to record video, and even how to use your iPhone to make a time lapse. We will also provide information on accessories that will make your mobile photography more enjoyable.  From shooting, editing and presenting your photo's we will show you how each step can be done including special effects, filters and transferring your photo's to your pc/mac.

Jan 26 Competition

Feb 9 Competition [reminder we are moving the two competition month from May to Feb]

Feb 23 Competition [reminder we are moving the two competition month from May to Feb]

March 9 Paul Peterson "Travel to Italy, Spain, and Portugal"
Paul and Carmel Peterson took two trips to Europe in successive years. In the fall of 2013, they went on a group tour to Italy. This included the Lakes Region of northern Italy, Venice, Tuscany, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, and the Amalfi coast. While the trip was not offered as a photo tour, Paul was still able to take lots of photographs. He will share some travel tips and will discuss how he took his photographs and how he used post processing to enhance them. Paul also plans to allow a number of photographs to "speak for themselves" as he sets them to music. This past fall, Paul and Carmel again went on a group tour. This time it was to Spain, Portugal, and a tiny bit of France. In Spain, they visited Barcelona, Burgos, Seville, and Madrid. In Portugal, they visited Lisbon as well as two wonderful towns, Obidos and Nazare. In France, they visited Lourdes and some small towns in the Pyrenees. Once again, Paul was able to take lots of photographs. While others on the trip may have been shopping for souvenirs, he got all the souvenirs he needed with his camera. Join us on March 9 and check out the scenic beauty and photographic possibilities of Italy, Spain, Portugal, and a tiny bit of France. Bring a friend or two with you as well.

March 23 Competition

March 30th Complex Simplicity presentation by Arthur Ransome (postponed)

The role of the photographer is to distill the complex scene in front of them to one of simplicity that recreates the vision and emotional experience. Black and White photography removes the distraction of color if it is not an important part of the story being told. In this presentation we will peek into the technical and emotional "toolboxes"  available to the photographer to recreate vision and emotion in the images we create in our attempt to emphasize the story we want to tell.

April 13 Rich Asarisi "Astrophotography"
Astrophotography -- A general overview. I will provide a basic overview of the equipment and concepts used in astrophotography.  We will discuss types of glass required, the mounts available and the camera's that can be used for this type of photography.  I will discuss the proper setup of your mount from leveling and polar alignment to focussing and tracking.  We will discuss image acquisition, manual or software driven, exposure times and ISO settings.  I will also touch upon guiding, what it is and how it can benefit your images.  I will also touch on accessories that you will need to be successful at astro-imaging.  I will give information on how to process your images after you have captured them to make them look their best.

April 27 Competition

May 11 Adam Woodworth "Landscapes and Night Landscapes"
Adam Woodworth is a landscape photographer, fine art printer, award winning filmmaker, and software engineer. He is originally from Kittery, Maine, and now resides in Rye, New Hampshire.  He has had a love of photography for over 17 years, and since 2008 he has focused on landscape photography. His goal as a photographer is to create compelling images using high quality tools and techniques.  His attention to detail as a long time computer programmer is not lost in his photography and fine art printing.He often strives to produce images that capture the beauty of nature, but he also uses special techniques to create images that often times look otherworldly. Adam can frequently be found wandering around the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the seacoasts of Maine and New Hampshire, or other beautiful areas of New England.

June 8 EOY at Whitney

Assigned subjects for the 2014-15 season. 

Please note that the electronic image assigned subject competition is in addition to the regular OPEN subject (anything goes) monthly competition.

Sept - Trucks
Oct - Forest Floor
Nov - Starry Night
Jan - So ugly it's cute…
Feb 9th - Teeth
Feb 23rd  - Ice moved to May (makeup date)

Mar - Alphabet letters
April - Street Vendors

Previous Seasons

  • Sept 9 --  Jerry Monkman" Never Fail Landscape Tips – Jerry’s top ten tips for making great landscape photographs" 
  • Sept 16 -- Competition ** Note that this is the 3rd Monday, not the fourth **
  • Sept 30 -- Bill Barnett "Vietnam: A Photographer’s Stories"
  • Oct 14th -- Cynthia Perdigao  "Macro Flower Photography"
  • Oct 28 -- Competition
  • Nov 11 -- Betty Wiley Textures and Gradient Fill Workshop
  • Nov 11 -- Betty Wiley "Cuba" 
  • Nov 25 -- Competition
  • Dec 9 -- Holiday Party and Slideshow Competition
  • Jan 13 -- Andrey Antov "Landscape Photography Made Easy" 
  • Jan 27 -- Competition
  • Feb 10 --  Hazel Meredith "Realistic HDR"
  • Feb 24 -- Competition
  • March 10 --  Rick Sereque "Lindblad - National Geographic Photography Expedition to Baja, Mexico"
  • March 24 -- Competition
  • March 31st -- TBD
  • April 13 --  Greg Lessard Step Stone Falls Workshop
  • April 14 --  Greg Lessard "Communicating Your Inner Spirit Through Photography"
  • April 28 -- Competition
  • May 12 -- Competition
  • June 2 -- End of Year Banquet and Competition
Sept 9th -- Jerry Monkman" Never Fail Landscape Tips 
Jerry’s top ten tips for making great landscape photographs. Jerry Monkman is a nature, adventure, and conservation photographer based in Portsmouth, NH, where he runs his photo business, EcoPhotography, with his wife Marcy. With Marcy, Jerry has written and photographed nine books, including Wild Acadia, which was named a top photo book of 2007 by Shutterbug Magazine. Jerry has photographed more than 100 conservation projects for conservation organizations, and his images have appeared in publications around the world. He also is a regular contributor on the Outdoor Photographer magazine blog. He has been a featured speaker at numerous camera club meetings, as well as at the annual meetings of the North American Nature Photography Association, the American Society of Picture Professionals, the New England Camera Club Council, and several conservation organizations. A member of the board of directors of the North American Nature Photography Association, Jerry was recently elected to serve as the organization’s president in 2013.

Sept 30 -- Bill Barnett "Vietnam: A Photographer’s Stories"
Vietnam: A Photographer’s Stories explores the country of Vietnam 35+ years after the Vietnam War ended. Six different parts of the country and a wide variety of photographic locations are included. Approximately 250 still images, video clips, live narration, locally recorded sounds, and music are blended to tell multimedia stories from a visit to modern Vietnam.

Are you curious about Vietnam 35+ years after the Vietnam War ended? Are you wondering how the country has changed? Do you have an interest in how they view our country’s actions during the Vietnam war? Are you interested in seeing the latest techniques of multimedia storytelling where 250 still  images, video clips, live narration, locally recorded sounds, and music are blended to bring a visit to modern Vietnam to life? Then you must see Vietnam: A Photographer’s Stories. Photography took us to six different parts of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Hoi An, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay,and the tribal region of the north around Bac Ha. Photographic opportunities included: many different markets, the crazy traffic, activities on and near the water, views from the 49th floor of a new financial office tower, a museum and prison associated with the Vietnam war, a park in Hanoi, a water puppet show, activities along the country’s streets and roads, and an afternoon walk through the countryside. 

Oct 14th -- Cynthia Perdigao -- Macro Flower Photography:  Seeing Inspiration and Creating Intent in Your Photography  
Photographers will learn how to be intentional in their photography and how to resonate with the viewer; not simply press the shutter again and again and pick the “best shot”.  By learning to “see” the essence of a scene (the thing that drew them to photograph it) before pressing the shutter, photographers will create a better image. Cinde will show inexpensive set ups that attendees can use at home for flower and other types of macro photography. She will also demonstrate how, as a disabled photographer, she has learned simple setups which she uses in her “kitchen studio” that allows her to create emotional images; setups and methods which will lend themselves to any photographer working in their own home studio.   She will show examples of how she finds the “stories” of her subjects and will demonstrate how to go beyond just properly composing and exposing a flower. Cinde will also discuss how to take these skills and apply them in the field and to larger scenes, going beyond conventional photographic rules and encompassing true intent. In addition, the use of textures or textured backgrounds can create a mood which leads the viewer of an image to connect with the story within the image.

April 14 --  Greg Lessard "Communicating Your Inner Spirit Through Photography"
Communicating Your Inner Spirit Through Photography is a thoughtful discussion about photography that encourages the participants to go beyond the basics of seeing a beautiful scene and pointing and shooting their way through it.  I discuss what it means to be prepared to communicate with your photography.  Then I present my favorite images and ask the participants to describe what they feel or think about each image. We then compare them to my notes on each image.  Was I successful in communicating my feelings and thoughts?  I start with some relatively simple scenes and work my way to more grand ideas and imagery.  The beauty of this discussion is that there really is no right answer.   In fact I often learn quite a bit about how people view my images as well. I conclude the evening by showing a slide show of my images from the American Southwest, while I play the Native American flute. To me, this is a perfect combination of my inner spirit. I am a photographer and a musician. These two disciplines are very complimentary and I often use techniques from one field to enhance my understanding of the other field.

2012-13 programs. 
  • Sept 10 --  Roman Kurywczak "Macro"
    • This in-depth Q/A macro photography lecture will show you the technical tips and tricks needed to take your macro photography to the next level!  Many people are comfortable with creating shallow focus macro images but I will show you how to achieve consistently sharp images with maximum depth of field all in a single frame!!!  Topics covered will range from gear to specific settings for you to maximize your time spent out in the field. Overcoming distracting backgrounds will be discussed in depth with photographic examples showing you how easy they are to overcome.  The use of natural light will be covered but a heavy emphasis will be placed on using flash correctly in the field to properly balance the exposure and achieve dramatic results.  We will look at some frequently used tricks by the pros that you can easily apply in the field to quickly improve your macro skills.  Many of these tips and tricks are inexpensive and can be done using the gear you already own!  During the entire lecture you can ask questions to ensure that you go home with a better understanding of all the topics covered in the program and create tack sharp macro images of your very own.
  • Sept 24 -- Competition
  • Oct 8 --  Richard Castiglione "Portrait workshop" bring your camera
    • Bring your camera to this program night. Richard will talk about and demonstrate some portrait tips. Models will be on hand to be photographed by you!
  • Oct 22 -- Competition
  • Nov 12 --  Jerry Monkman" Never Fail Landscape Tips – Jerry’s top ten tips for making great landscape photographs"  postponed to 2013 -- The 2012 George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon competition was presented
  • Nov 26 -- Competition
  • Dec 10 -- Holiday Party
  • Jan 14 -- Loretta Paul-Golden "Alaska" 
  • Jan 28 -- Competition
  • Feb 11 --  Paul Peterson "Out West" moved to April 29th b/c of weather!
    • Paul Peterson will present his program “Go West.” This show will feature images from several western trips, from the northwest to the southwest, from the mountains to the desert. Most of the images will be landscapes and nature, including national parks, but there will also be a few cities and some people pictures. Along with showing where his images were taken, Paul will also cover composition and Photoshop techniques which can be employed to enhance your photographs. Make sure you attend to discover the photographic opportunities which exist when you “Go West.”
  • Feb 25 -- Competition
  • March 11 --  Scott Vincent "Go from Taking - To Making Photos"
    • Scott will entertain us with his vision of making photographs.  Many photographs are simply taken “as is” with not much thought on how to improve them.  In this program Scott will outline the before, during and after thought processes he goes through and will teach you the simple categories of conceptualization he uses when approaching a wide variety of situations.  This program is well suited for any experience level, with simple techniques to more advanced concepts being shown.  Scott is known for his fun, fast paced programs which usually feature many example photographs.
  • March 25 -- Competition
  • April 8 --  Mark Bowie "Water"
    • Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the Mountains
    • This digital multimedia presentation is a visual and sensory spectacle, featuring the myriad waters of the Adirondack Park — its beautiful lakes and ponds, rivers and streams, brooks and creeks, wetlands and waterfalls. The images are showcased with Mark's sensitive writings and quotes from Adirondack literature, and set to music. It's an inspired tribute to the incomparable gift of waters that give the Adirondack Park its unique look and feel.
  • April 22 -- Competition
  • May 13 -- Competition
  • June 3rd -- End of Year Banquet and Competition