History. The New Haven Camera Club was established in 1911. It was a charter member of the American Association of Camera Clubs that later became the Photographic Society of America. 

The early history of the club is incomplete. Club records have been kept since 1944. The purpose of the club then, as it is now, was to promote amateur photography in the greater New Haven area.
In the late 1940's and early 1950's, black and white printmaking dominated the camera club. With the advent of color slides in 1951, gradually the focus of the club shifted to color slide photography. Now prints are again increasing in importance with the advent of digital print making techniques.

The New Haven Camera Club is recognized as one of the best camera clubs in the state. Over the years the club has won numerous awards in photographic competitions sponsored by the Photographic Society of America, the New England Camera Club Council, and the Connecticut Association of Photographers, with which the New Haven Camera Club is affiliated.
The club offers programs to instruct and entertain photographers, regardless of ability level. Competitions allow members to display their photography, receive awards, and hear constructive criticism. Small group workshops allow for instruction in various photographic techniques in an informal setting. Field trips to places with good photographic potential are held periodically. In 2002 the club’s Internet page went live, followed a few years later by the club's Blog. These sites allow members and potential members to stay current with the activities of the club and provides links to other photographic organizations.

Through the years, the New Haven Camera Club has contributed to New Haven's artistic life. It participated in New Haven's Festival of the Arts, which was held in the late 1950's and early 1960's on the New Haven Green. In 1988, the club participated in New Haven's 350th Birthday Celebration, during which the club sponsored a print contest for local photographers. Recently the club displayed photographs at the New Haven Public Library.

As people have moved to suburban towns over the years, the New Haven Camera Club became truly a regional club with members coming from many different parts of the state.  Getting together with others who share an interest in photography has been and continues to be a part of the club. Good friendships develop by socializing at club meetings, workshops, field trips, at our Holiday Party, and Annual Awards Banquet.

The New Haven Camera Club is fortunate to have as members many excellent photographers who are always willing to share their knowledge with others. It is the members of the club who by their participation, enthusiasm, and fellowship have sustained the New Haven Camera Club for these many years.

It always takes a lot of members pitching in to make our club work. The more active and involved members we have, the better our club will be. We are very appreciative to those members whose contributions help our club successful. Thanks!!